Preparing Your Quilt

Accuracy in piecing your quilt top is the most important thing to keep in mind if you are planning on having your quilting done by a long arm quilter. Your quilt top and backing need to be square (90 degree angles at corners) for the quilt to turn out well – no puckers or tucks. It is extremely important that borders are sewn on correctly (see below). If you don’t have added borders, be sure to stay-stitch around edges of quilt 1/8” from raw edge for stability.


Things to remember to do before giving your quilt to your long arm quilter:

  •   Backing and batting must be 8 inches larger than quilt top (width & height)
  •   Top and backing are squared up
  •   Stray threads are removed from quilt back if you don’t want them seen in the quilting
  •   Top and backing are pressed and accordion folded width-wise and place on padded hanger to keep wrinkles away
  •   Top of quilt and top of the backing are marked with a safety pin
  •   Please no 3 dimensional items or embellishments, such as yo-yo’s, buttons or crystals.

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