Long Arm Quilting Services

What is Long Arm Quilting?

If you are new to quilting, you might be wondering what long arm quilting is.

Long arm quilting is a type of machine quilting done on a sophisticated computerized sewing machine that has a very long arm and an oversized throat to accommodate large quilts. Long arm quilting is done much faster than hand quilting and is more durable.

The machine can stitch from simple edge to edge patterns to intricate designs that a hand quilter cannot achieve. The machine’s design allows for consistency in complicated designs and uniform stitches which is what will make your quilt more durable. The machine makes it possible to place the quilt top, batting, and the backing on separate rollers so that all three layers move independently and simultaneously, thereby reducing the risk of creases and puckers.

Quilting Services Offered

Our services are performed on a state of the art Gammill Optimum machine with the Statler Stitcher. This machine offers precision stitching and a large amount of designs/ patterns to choose from.

We offer the following services:


For hand quilting or home machine quilting


Designs that use the same pattern over the entire quilt – the most cost effective choice.

Custom designs:

Designs that can be custom made for different blocks, sashing’s and borders.


We offer 3 different options for binding

  • Binding is machine stitched to front of quilt ready for you to hand stitch to the back
  • Binding is machine stitched to front and we will hand stitch to back
  • Binding is machine stitched to back then machine stitched in the ditch on front

*Our pricing varies depending on quilt size and complexity of design. Please call for more information.


  • Please make sure your backing is a minimum of 4-5 inches larger than quilt top on all sides (total 8-10” extra from side to side and top to bottom).
  • Preferably, make seams 1/2” and press seams open and make sure backing is square.
  • Please do not use sheets or decorator fabric for backings.
  • If you pre-washed your quilt top fabrics, it is recommended that you also wash your backing fabric.


Batting must also be a minimum of 4-5 inches larger than quilt top on all sides. We would prefer to provide the batting for you and offer reasonable prices and high quality batting.


We use only high quality threads and the thread is included in the price of the quilt.